Stuck Soaring in Torren

I tried Soaring over Torren and I’m now stuck and can’t get down no matter what button i pressed

It’s barely noticeable but it should raise slightly when hover over the pokecentre and the text box on top left should display the name of the building.

The text box usually changing from the city/island name is a good indication that you can land at particular spots.

I tried to land accuracy on towns but I still can’t exit Soaring. I tried to press the a button to Land but it’s not working. I just flat out panicked and just used he trainers so I can white out and go back to the Pokémon Center. I try to update when I get home before Soaring again. I got a nude trainer sprite while I was soaring.

You need to have the arrow on top of a pokemon center of a city or town you have already visited,you cant land on a city u haven’t discovered yet

Okay, even though I tried landing on the Pokémon Center, I still couldn’t land on the towns. However I can only be able to stop Soaring if I try to land in slither forest and mysterious spire. It work normally if I do, but not on towns even though I already visited them.