Stuck on the Broadcast Missions

Hey, so I’ve pretty much completed the game at this point, but I was going through the legendary locations and realized that the Missions were… supposed to be happening?? I don’t think I ever got the fifth mission; it’s been quite a while (I definitely have Delta Solosis). I think I just assumed it would come sooner or later and wrote it off but I haven’t gotten pretty much anything for any of them.

I looked through some of the questions for the Broadcast Tower Missions but I haven’t been able to find anything like this? Like I haven’t gotten anything. Anyways I’d appreciate any help I would like to catch Latios.

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@ethericcactus According to the wiki. To activate the 5th mission you have to beat Taen at the Dragon ruins and then walk a random amount of steps. My guess is that you’ve probably done the first step and the game might’ve just given you a bizarre amount of steps.


Yeah, I definitely beat Taen. If there’s a way to check the coding to see what randomized number it is (in my head, I’m thinking like the Fun value number in Undertale) I might look into that lol; it really has been much longer than I expected.


I’m pretty sure it’s like 5000 steps or smth