Stuck on Mission 6

So i went to do mission 6 in Suntouched City after I received rock climb and when i got to the mission area for some reason some of the rock climb spots required to progress weren’t there. So i ended up accidentally saving in the area and now there is no possible way for me to progress or leave the area. Please Help!!!

Alright loser. It’s not that you’re stuck, it’s just that you suck at puzzles.

Go into the past with the power of tesseract, climb up, talk to the big ol’ rock near the top by the right side and boom, it’s gone. This creates a rock climb spot in the present. Then, heart swap the manaphy statue near the ledge and return to the present. You may not be able to see the statue anymore, but it’s there alright. The rusted statue sprite is bugged for most people or something. Swap with it, climb up, and go on your merry way.

Also just saying. Saving while you’re stuck is stupid. Don’t do that. Ever.

Thanks for the help, I guess…

Although, I must say, starting of that reply with “loser” wasn’t necessary at all.

(It totally is)

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How? Explain it to me. How is that Necessary?

It isn’t. I was joking.

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Oh well…nvm then. thanks for the help