Stuck in Void Gauntlet - Pokemon Mansion

I was going through and trying to find Moltres, then found out I need Relic Song. I was leaving Void Gauntlet and when I got to this place the Manaphy Statue was already like that. Pls help D:Screenshot_3

I’ve already left that dimension and restarted the launcher. D:

First of all, Relic Song is a Quartz Flute ability, so you should either have it on you at all times or you aren’t at the point in the game where you can get it yet.

Anyway, you can’t go backwards there. You have to just keep going until you reach the end, and then enter the Void Gauntlet again.

Ok, thanks! Also, I just got Reshiram and Zekrom from the Taen event. I watched Taen give Reukra the Azure Flute, but I don’t know what to do from there. Any help?

You need to finish Holon and the Darkrai quest as well to trigger the Arceus quest.

You can actually use an escape rope to get leave the mansion.

By Holon do you mean the whole Professor Maple ordeal? I’ve already finished that and he’s been arrested.

Yes, that is correct. Did you catch Darkrai yet?

No, not yet. What do I do in Holon after the Maple thing?

The Holon quest should be complete. You can get a Master Ball from Professor Pine. Maybe that is what triggers the game to know that Holon is over?

Yea I got the masterball and caught Regigigas. Then I finished the Taen thing and he leaves for a different region. Now I’m just chilling.