Stuck In Trading Quest

I’m currently stuck in the trading quest. I started again in postgame after updating to 1.2.5 and have the broken masterball but the guy won’t take it.

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You’re doing this, yes?

Yes. The guy southwest of the Medic tent said that he is interested in pokeballs and came to Holon to learn from Prof. Sylvan. I think that is the correct guy.

make sure you still have the item in your bag?

Yep. It might be something after updating because it asked me to reconfirm my starter. I was in Samsara cave next to the final roadblock when I updated if that is relevant.

hmm, have you tried restarting the quest? If all else fails tho, you could try downgrading, completing the quest, and then switching back to 1.2.5 after :))

K. I’ll try that! Thanks!

yeye hope it works :))