Stuck in the mission where you catch latios

I went into mission 6 (i think) see that there is a puzzle with Tesseract and Heart swap, try to solve it and i think its impossible but im stuck and i save way to much whenever i press v i save like 5 times so idk what to do and i just installed the patch 1.2.3 yesterday please help me

Do you have rock climb?

Yea i do

i might just be REALLY dumb but ive been thinking for like 20 minutes about it trying different things

Go into the past, Heart swap the statue to where you can swap back in the present (It may be invisible due to a missing rusted statue sprite, but you can still swap with it), climb to the top, break the large boulder, go to the present, swap with the statue, and climb up.

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when i go up to the top there is no rock climb spot in the present but there is in the past

In the past, at the top, there’s a large boulder structure. Interact with it.

wow i thought that looked off, well im stupid thanks for helping me tho :smiley:

No problem.