Stuck in Taen Quest/Bug

So I just beated him and his team in the Alpha Temple, and I know I need to head to a pokemon centre and heal up. Only when I try to talk to the nurse, she’s already ‘healing’ my pokemon, causing the event not to trigger, and she only speaks the first line.


EDIT: I fixed the healing problem by healing up at the pokemon league… but the other nurses still have the same problem, they only speak the first line.

I am having the same problem. Only the league center can heal my Pokemon, though the Taen Quest does not progress. What can I do to fix this?

I am using version 1.2.3, core without a launcher.

Try doing a non zero non negative operation(something simple) through the human calculator in Gaea, then try healing in any torren pokecentre.

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Thank you, this solved the problem!