Stuck In Pokemon Center?

I am stuck in the pokemon center in Helios city. I dont know what to do and I really want to play this game.

what do you mean stuck?

if you can move within the pokemon center then go behind the book case, buy the taxi guy and the fly off where ever you want.

alternatively you can battle trainers and loose intentionally which should transfer you to a pokemon center. so press d for unlocking the dexnav and click on the rightmost tab ie the pokeball .

Im stuck talking to Nurse Joy

can you not do anything else?

and what part of the game have you reached?

I’ve tried going to my recent save but It just took my to the same spot again

Im at Helios City

so this is your first time at helios im assuming. double check that your game is on the latest version. 1.2.3(public) is the latest im pretty sure.

This happened to me. Get a patch then it fixes.