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Stuck in infernal dungeon and no back-up save



I’m in infernal dungeon and I’m stuck.
I lost againt the infernal guard in a jail (the one who was in front of my cell). Instead of getting the habitual message, I’m still in my cell but I can’t move, I can’t open my bag or the dexnav or anything. I’m just capable of choosing to autorun or not. I’ve already tried ‘P’.

Is there a way to kill myself (in the game of course) to go back in the pokemon center without the dexnav ?
Or to teleport myself ?
Even if I have to edit my save to do it.

I don’t have any back up save in C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence, there is only the broken one.


It seems like there’s no way out of this, sorry.


Can a developper take my save and editing it just for teleporting me anywhere please ?
I would love to finish this awesome game. :frowning:


If you give me your save file I can teleport you to any location.


Thank you so much ! You’re my savior !
This is my save :
You can click on “Telecharger” to download it (I’m french).
You can teleport me anywhere, the last city I discovered was the one with snow.
Thank you !


Don’t know if you managed to fix it yourself but I got you out of the room. Fought 2 grunts I think you are fixed but let me know. Left you a small present for Thundervolt. Enjoy the rest of the game. Just renamed the file I am sending you back to it’s original name.


Thank you ! I beat the infernal cult’s leader this morning, I think my save is fixed now. I’m gonna clear the game. :slight_smile: Thank you again, It’s kind to have helped me.