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Stuck In Holon Jungle

Hey guys, I just got to Holon Jungle and was roaming around when I saw this tree which we can crawl Into, saved right in front of it expecting a delta to be inside and well, now I’m stuck. Can’t do anything, the game is working fine but I can’t open the dexnav or menu or anything, any help?

Tried loading backups btw but they all take me back to here


If you have Fly or the Emolga Taxi item I believe you can fly out of it? It’ll probably take you back to the other region but hey, better than being stuck.

Sadly menu won’t open or the dexnav :confused: Sort of just given up now

Do you have the PikaPad binded to QWERTY? You can try that. If that doesn’t work, I don’t think you can do anything besides wait for an update.