Stuck in a wall in [Spoiler] City in the postgame

Hey guys, firs time posting here, so after I lost to a certain someone and re-entered the area, I walked through a wall due to a cutscene activating, and then fought and beat him. Now I am stuck in the wall and cannot move, please help.

What city are you talking about? Erebus? Please be less vague about everything else too.

Ya sorry, didnt want it to be taken down for spoilers, but ya in Erebus, I lost to Damian the firs time, then re entered through the hoopa portal behind the gym, exited the cave, and then walked straight up through the wall, due to the cutscene being activated. I beat him, and am now stuck about 3-4 tiles in.

Okay. Also nothing will be taken down for spoilers. Open the dex nav and open the memory chamber. Kill yourself using the trainers.

Which is the memory chamber?

The pokeball on the right.

Sweet thanks for the help