Stuck at Zenith

I’m at the point where you fight Zenith. Yes, my team is extremely underleveled.
------------------------Mew- Lvl 72. Psychic, Ancient Power, Amnesia, Sludge Bomb. --------------------------------Volcarona - Lvl 75. Substitute, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Heat Wave ----------------------------- Delta Scizor- Lvl 68. Icicle Crash, Close Combat, Night Slash, False Swipe -------------------------------Thundurus- Lvl 76. Agility, Discharge, Dark Pulse, Thunder ---------------------Delta Venusaur (mega)- Lvl 69. Moonlight, Calm Mind, Psychic, Moonblast. ------------------ Delta Gallade- Lvl 58 (oops). Ice punch, Thunder Punch, Swords Dance, Permafrost

i suggest you grind up your team to around 72, ESPECIALLY the gallade, because otherwise it’s gonna get continuously wrecked before it can do anything. because as is you’re currently basically only fighting with 5 pokemon.

you should go for any trainers you havent already hit or grind on the highest level audinos you can get at the level trainer - in the latter case you cant get wrecked, really.

the point where you fight zenith is the point where you cant leave the infernal base to grind i can only beat one of his pokemon to get any amount of exp its fine though i swept with my volcarona a day after i posted that team

ps: joke’s on you my gallade set up a defrost and let my volcarona set up no leveling required c: