Stuck at Vipik gym

So, I actually managed to play the game a bit by using my laptop. But I am kind of stuck in the 2nd gym. I don’t really see anything good against Xavier’s mega beedrill except Quilava and Cyndaquil in route 4, and they both get one-shotted by fricking DRILL RUN. Being around lv 25 makes it hard to train in the grass. Also, I know that tutor moves are unavailable in the game. But then, how could beedrill have knock off on it? I’m bringing this up because it keeps just killing my D-charmeleon with it. Are there any good ways to train fast in this game, and what pokes should i use to beat the Vipik gym? my current team is: Kirlia lv 22- disarming voice magical leaf heal pulse lucky charm

Quilava lv 29- flame charge flame wheel ember quick attack

D-Charmeleon 1v 33- shadow ball dragon breath confuse ray shadow sneak

D-Scyther lv 27- ice ball low sweep pursuit agility.

go to mechi town purchase a secret base for 5k then buy a level trainer function then train your pokes to 35

If you can’t get the level trainer, then you’ll have to train in a route like most pokemon games.

Up until beedrill try to one shot every Mon. To take out beedrill I used hypnosis and confusion. For the rest you could still get stumped so try not to lose any mons before beedrill

A Knock Off tutor doesn’t exist yet. Beedrill has Knock Off under the understanding that the move is available at a point in the game that’s not accessible in the current update.

Generally the easiest way to defeat Xavier is to increase your stats against Shuckle and then proceed to sweep the rest of his team using that one Pokemon, as Shuckle doesn’t have a means of dealing heavy damage or getting rid of stat boosts. All of the starters except Eevee have some means that they can use to boost up versus Shuckle, and both Wartortle and Charmeleon get Shadow Sneak, which means that the speed drops from Shuckle are irrelevant. Charmeleon gets both Bulk Up and Dragon Dance, in your case I would opt for Bulk Up for extra security since odds are that his Heracross won’t go down in one hit.

I got a doduo, evolved it, taught it accupuncture. then just keep using it till all your stats are maxed and sweep

I defeated the beedrill with a level 30 boldore, it survived the Drill Run with Sturdy. And oneshot the Mega Beedrill using Rock Blast(only works if it hits 3 or more times).

do you play league of legends cause you have a hecarim backround

I am stuck where the bug catcher is with the 2 trees and it wont show after i battled him