Stuck at Regice event

Been playing since 1.2 was released and am now stuck at this event here. I accidently hit “V” so now I can’t do anything.

Try to load a backup. They located in

Windows: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence

Mac: Right click the app, Show Package Contents, drive_c, Program Files, Pokemon Insurgence

Mac (El Capitan&Sierra): Right click the app, Show Package Contents, drive_c/Users/Wineskin/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

Oh damn, that’s awesome didn’t know the game kept backups. Thank you! Really saved me haha. :grin:

Also the event played out normally when after reentering.

Good to know.

I tried this but I keep getting an error message saying that windows can’t find C:\UsersDizzy\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence. am I doing something wrong?