Stuck at dragon ruins

im stuck here, when perfect zygarde hit zekrom. I went and did a quicksave in this part hoping to catch perfect zygarde (can you?) and now im stuck after soft resetting. what can i do?

You can try loading a back up save.

where can i find the backup save file?

On Mac, there should be a folder for them in your Insurgence folder. On PC, there should be a folder named Pokemon Insurgence at C:\Users\YourName\Saved Games. Rename one of the backups to Game.rxdata (or Game_1 or Game_2 depending on which slot you’re playing on).

thanks guess ill just have to skip this quest for a while

so I did the quest again and zekrom wont return in its stone form and it just stops there, I think it is because i already beat this quest up to the cutscene and just soft reset it thinking I can catch the the perfect Zygarde and now that happens again. Any advice?

I have nothing ): bar maybe loading a backup save on 1.2.3.