Strange Launcher Downloading Error?

I apologize if this is a repeat from somewhere recent; I’ve been poking around the questions form, used google to try to find the answer, and even looked at the suggestions that popped up when I started this post. None of them are exactly what I need in relation to my specific problem.

My launcher did not come in a zipped file. I cannot unzip it; there is nothing to unzip. At first, the launcher was downloading to its own x86 program folder, then when this problem started happening I changed it to a folder in my downloads file. All the files are there. It is fully downloaded and operational.

Yet, every time I open my launcher, it says I need to re-download. I can’t keep doing this, downloading it over and over again. The downloads go through fine. Everything needed is right there, but it won’t access it.

I don’t know how to bridge the gap. Can someone help me?

I believe you’re downloading the launcher, not the core. The launcher is a bit unstable.

Your best bet is to just download the 1.2.3 core.