Story Line

I have played this game before for a short time and never really paid attention to the story and got back into it like a day ago and trying to understand what it is about but kinda confused so if you can tell me what it is about it would be well appreciated Thank You

How far are u?If u have completed the dragon ruins,there’s a passage on the below part.Enter that and start exploring the new contents.

Im at the third gym right now

U mean Helios city?From there,go a bit left and surf from there.Keep sufing until u reach another city.

No i get that but i mean like the general story like why the cults and whatever

Oh.The cults are some group of people trying to summon legendaris.You will encounter them throughout the story.You have to stop their evil plans,fight them etc etc.The main focus is to stop the cults from succeeding and getting the 8 gym badges and beating the league,capturing deltas and legendaries,helping others.

Ok thanks and is there an after game i guess you can say

Yes there is a second region,but not that big.Also there are some post games.

Post games ?

Yeah,side quests for catching legendaris and rare pokes,A broadcast tower in first gym also has some missions.

Oh Ok thanks :smile:

:ok_hand:Glad to help.