Story/Easy Mode

Add a way for players who are playing this for the story and not competitively to have an easy play through (higher catch rates, more likely to find rare pokemon, higher XP gains, trainers have lower levels, less grinding, more cash from battles, items from shops cost less and sell for more, etc)

…Are you serious? There are already is an easy mode.


There is an easy mode, and there’s always getting a secret base after the first gym and unlocking the level trainer if you need more EXP for your team.

You don’t need to be “competitive”. Just grind for an hour on the secret base on easy mode and you’re already ahead of the curve.

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…true thats how i got my pokemon semi overpowered (grinding for about an hour then playing through like normal lol)

Hehe… I remember dying too many times at the 2nd gym before going to my base so I couldn’t buy the trainer XD

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Agreed. With Secret Base Grinding even the Hard mode wasn’t too much of a challenge. Doesn’t take long to hit the level cap and if you have a half decent team that’s enough to get through the next area.

Yes but what if you have a life and don’t want to waste an hour grinding on Audinos after every gym? That’s what I keep having to do. Along with a plethora of items.

I mean, any other game you play will have you grinding for 2 hours on random mons in the field. Honestly it doesn’t even take an hour if you have a lucky egg. I fail to see what you’re saying about “along with a plethora of items”, are you saying you use up items during training with Audino? The complaint that “you have a life” is stupid, if you don’t have time to grind up your mons, Pokemon may not be the game for you. Honestly if your life is that important please don’t bother posting on the forum, you’re wasting your time.


You don’t even need to grind that much in my opinion. I highly recommend you to take your time with the game, just play when you have time to and you will eventually get to the end of the beta for sure.

Sorry if I came off rude and what I meant is I use up a lot of healing items in game even when my Pokemon are 4-5 levels higher than the opponent. And it’s not due to sucky playing, I guess sometimes the AI takes me by surprise. There are times where I win by one Pokemon in the red even with using a ton of items in battle.

Oh right I see what you mean. It might just be that your team is pretty offensive? Most of the bosses have pretty strong mons (their megas, legendaries etc.) so its not a surprise that you end up having to use a lot of items. Still, it doesnt require you to be a lot higher than the opponent, the battles are meant to be challenging, as long as you don’t end up losing constantly no matter what you do, I think its fine. For example, the first gym is rather tough, due to no easy way to grind, and the boost from the sun, that was probably my most challenging battle.

Yeah my mons are pretty offensive but I’m raising Pokemon I’ve never raised before (except Typhlosion) D-Charizard, Typhlosion, Marowak, Ludicolo, and D-Gardevoir so far.

Typhlo and Ludi aren’t too frail. D-Gard can abuse Double team+calm mind if you need some cheesy wins.

I’m having trouble getting a varied moveset on Typhlo, right now I only have normal and fire moves on him.

Is it a mega? Typhlo doesn’t exactly have the most varied moveset. The best moves to go with are probably Fire Blast/Eruption (mega typhlo likes eruption), focus blast, and hidden power (hopefully not a fire/fighting type one). Its not the best fire type imo, but its mega can get really scary if it gets some kills and hubris kicks in.

LMAO. It’s not even an hour. You can get like 5 levels on 6 pokemon in like 5 minutes.

This is my first post in this forum and although im bumping i hope this helps.What i do in every pokemon game is just train the starter the first time i played through insugence i choose delta charmander as my starter i trained it up by 2 or 3 levels in the grass and started battling trainers.I battled EVERY trainer in the game[yes every single one] at the time im posting this my delta charizard is level 85.I didnt use the trainer in the base i did’nt know about it until my 2nd playthrough.I was playing on normal mode im pretty sure.

85 is already well over Taen’s team on normal mode. especially without the base. What were your hardest battles? Considering the fact you trained your starter and use Mander and didn’t use secret base, I assume it was either Orion or Xavier?

Orion and Xavier were easy enough to sweep and i had a charmeleon at that point which new dragon dance and shadow sneak[Xavier’s gym] But there are 2 battles i lost.The first was the time when you fight Jaern with his mega rayquaza i lost it because my charizard was pretty low on health and i did’nt know that the chansey healed you.The 2nd one was the time you fight Audrey the first encounter where she summons lugia i lost this one for the same reason charizard was pretty beat up