*Still* looking for that Shiny Pursuit Larvitar

Trading Name: Cow538

Offer: Various Shinies:

and IV stones (up to 24)

Request: A shiny pursuit larvitar. Nature jolly if possible.

Further info: If you don’t have the larvitar but are interested in the offer, I could send you one or two larvitars for you to breed on your own time

Just give it up cow

i think you should ask for the larvitar and other pokemon. no one either has it or doesnt want to trade it

Hey I’ve got one, but i want a Delta Phantump or a Delta Wooper in exchange, have you got one?

a normal one?

I’ll give you both in exchange for that

Could I please see the nature, IVs, ability and moves? I’ll offer more than just the deltas if I like what I see

@Helios69 also, please join the discord server so we can talk about the trade there. My name is Cow538 there as well.

If you want have delta phantump and delta wooper (neither are shiny since can only get shiny of them from pokepon) and can offer you a shiny or 2 aswell can even hunt specific one if you really want

I’m sorry it doesn’t have Pursuit move

The 2 moves it has in addition to bite and leer or just moves it learns from lvl up and bite and leer are default lvl 1 was missing the move persuit he was looking for

I just need some deltas to complete pokedex since I missed some events, I don’t mind about their IV much. I will be around after 8 hour later, so let me know when you can trade

Oh well, not everything is perfect

Sorry, trade is off unless you want to rehunt for a pursuit larvitar.

How about her?

Okay, you got me there…

I will take that

@Helios69 have you joined the DISCORD?

Its cool seeing the (I’m assuming) Metang I traded with you there.

That is the one you traded me.

Every thing goes 'round and 'round in the trading circle

Can we trade now?