Sth about 1.2 and the wiki

How long after 1.2’s release will the data regarding item locations, pokemon locations etc be uploaded to the wiki? I’m one of those guys who don’t really wanna actually search for the item.

They will most likely be updated a while after the game releases, and the stuff later in the game will most likely need more time to have a wiki article. You can also help contribute to the wiki when it comes out so it can be finished faster and help more people.

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Yeah I know it’s a while, I just wanna know how long after release

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Probably 2 weeks or something if there’s a handful of people working at release, just an estimate.

My policy about me editing the wiki after an update releases is that I will leave adding new information to fans for approximately 1 week, simply because I want to refrain posting spoilers and encourage other users to explore the game thoroughly before I start filling in missing information. However, if I see incorrect information being posted then I will likely step in and correct it as appropriate.

In the meantime I will probably start updating old pages for things like 1.1 Deltas and Gym Leader/Boss battles that received an update in 1.2.


After that week, will you add all the info at once or just slowly add it in

Slowly. I plan to check what has been listed for early parts of the game and then working my way up to end-game content. And of course I’ll have to make sure that formatting, spelling, etc. is consistent with other pages as I go.

How will we know which 1.1 things have recieved an update?

When you revisit them or find them again in a new play through, though this may require some searching. Rocket will most likely put them in the wiki too.

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So I am guessing that, since it’s supposed to be the full content version, those locations that were under the construction in the game, such as the Pokémon World Tournament building, will be available now, right? Perhaps not right off the bat when going to the place for the first time but later in the storyline, right?

I was hoping that the update would be there before I go to sleep (CET zone for me, 10 pm now) but who cares for those couple of hours now when it’s going to be there when I come home from work tomorrow! Thanks for putting so much of your time into the game and double thanks for giving me something to do between waiting for the new episodes of GoT :wink:


[quote=“Lushkam, post:10, topic:13131”] will be available now, right? [/quote]Yup!émon_by_base_stats <—will be updated right? I mean Mega Dugtrio and Mega Golurk are still there