Starting An Insurgence Series!

Hey guys! The name’s Snow. I enjoy doing Pokemon Fan Game Let’s plays along with actual games once in a while. I recently decided to to do one of Insurgence!

I currently have two other series going on. one being Pokemon Ethereal Gates (Demo), the other being Pokemon Reborn. Both are fantastic games. The beginning of Insurgence is quite thrilling at the start!

I finished recording the first episode which should go up around the 1st of December at the latest. I am at the part of choosing my starter and left it there to see which I should pick (Purity mode off).

I was wondering what you guys would think is well! I’m not a collector of all of the pokemon, so I put eevee out of perspective. Let me down in the comments down below. Thank you!

Vote for the best starter you think is, Here!


If you have any tips as a small channel please let me know as I am open to any constructive criticism!

Starter-wise, when you say “out of perspective,” I assume you mean you won’t pick Eevee. You’ve probably already heard this, but eevee has a “special” surprise if you pick it as a starter in this game. However, if you really want to pick a delta then take a look at them and choose which one you like best. D. Charizard and D. Venusaur are both great, but most people agree that D. Blastoise is pretty bad. D. Venusaur has type advantages against both other starters, and that’s the starter I picked, but honestly just choose whichever one you like best :smiley:

I was thinking D.Venusaur since he has less weaknesses as well, but then D.Charizard can be a huge sweeper once mega, somewhat eliminating threats if he can sweep in time. Also, I don’t know the surprise with Eevee. I would like to know, not sure if I should know however. I know it has a mega, just the mega’s stats are just dreadful. If you are able to tell, I’d like to know so I don’t make a fatal mistake in my series before I record it. Thank you for the reply though!!!

don’t choose delta squirtle. it can do nothing against its weakness and a lot of common early game mons. it is a ninja turtle but it isn’t a good one in the story.( also i know you can catch a gastly but good luck catching it, and psychic weakness will destroy gengar.

Okay thanks lad!!

your welcome.

What would you say is better? D.Venusaur or D.Charizard? I know D.Charizard can sweep despite his weaknesses, and I know D.Venusaur can tank hits and hit hard.

bulba. you can stall charizard but bulbasaur has great bulk great typing and a great stall movepool as well as a good offensive movepool.

so unless you want to struggle through the whole game with a decent dragon to get a great mega, i recommend the mon that is good mega or not.

Thanks mate! I appreciate the responses and the quickness of them as well!

just want to help. also watch out for any bug and steel. get a decent fire or i can trade you one for free.

Thanks will do! And not sure. I’d have to wait until I record again and get a little bit more in the game since I haven’t recorded a second episode yet.

Hope your series turns out great also i kinda want to watch it now so, what to you upload on and what is your channel name?

At the moment, I’m doing Pokemon fan games. I’m doing a Series on Pokemon Ethereal Gates and Pokemon Reborn. I have one episode of Insurgent done and edited, but won’t be up until Wednesday of December first, which I may get a double upload for that day since I’m going with baulbasaur.


also i choose squirtle so you can probably tell why I’m not far in the game. wish i got bulba or char. i just like the fighting dark combo but this game does not.

Yeah I gotcha. I was going to choose Baulba, but wasn’t sure so i set up a strawpoll.

also i like how your channel looks ill tell my friends to look into it.

Thanks mate! If you have any ideas and such to do, let me know!

well i can trade you a fossil mon that is lv five for a gastly since i faint them every time i hit them now and i need one. please consider it. i need help.

Haha Will do mate. For my own sake, I would have to catch a gastly for myself first (Genger OP and second favorite pokemon) then if I find and catch an extra, it’s all yours.