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Starting a Hardcore Nuzlocke

I think you know what a nuzlocke is. You should know. The Ultimate Challenge. The rules are:

  1. I can only catch the first pokemon i encounter in an area. If it faints/ runs away im unable to catch another one
  2. Any pokemon that faints is considered dead and can never be used again.
  3. I have to nickname my mons in order to bond me with my mons
  4. Set Mode
  5. No healing items inside a battle.
    6 aka the rule i always forget to add: I have to fight every single trainer in an area

Other rules i include in my locke:

  1. Dupes Clause ( If I ,for example, have caughten a weedle in an area, if I encounter it or any of its evolution line again in another area ,im allowed to pass on it and catch the next encounter.)
  2. If I lose a battle ,but still have 6 mons in my pc that i can use, ill give myself a final chance to go through the game.
  3. Shiny Clause ( If I find a shiny in an area , i can catch it even if its not my first encounter in that specific area)
  4. Legend Clause ( Maximum 1 legend/mythical in my team. The 680 bst legends + Regigigas cannot be used.)

I’ll do my best to complete the NuzLocke. Ill try to play through all the (post) game, besides the dev island.

PS: Ill be playing on normal mode


We name ourselves Grape and are ready to start

Help me, Gengar is rap1ng me…

What a pussycat

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OwO, Just reached Telnor Town.

My starter will be chosen by the last digit of my trainer card, thats my criteria:
Eevee: 0-1
Delta Bulbasaur: 5-7
Delta Charmander: 2-4
Squirt: 8-9

I havent actually checked my Trainer Card yet, we’ll see it together when choosing a starter

…ANDDDD Hurray! Our credit Trainer Card ends in 5

As for the names, I think ill name my mons after , lets say, ughhh… other users in these wonderful forums?

We’ll name our Bulbs after mister @Firefiber733339

ezpz lemon squishy

The challenge has officially started!

…Our first encounter is…

Not the best but it can help us a lot early game.


Naming him after the missed @JojoBoss247.

WHATTTT. Holy fucking shit…


Im at the last pokeball… Please…


Named after mister @BackInBlack <3

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Nature sucks but who actually cares

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Found a roggenrola in Telnor Cave, named it after @CreeperG