Starters balance?

I only found this game earlier today and I enjoy the idea of the Delta versions of Pokemon but I have to ask why the starter trio of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, are so unbalanced with their typings in their Delta forms? I’ll use the rival battle to showcase what I mean.

Say you started with Delta Bulbasaur. You have Tackle, Baby-Doll Eyes, and Confusion right of the bat. Your rival with Delta Charmander has Scratch, Growl, Dragon Rage, and Curse. The only move your rival could use to damage you is Scratch which is normal damage. But you have Baby-Doll Eyes which is 2x effective since it’s a Fairy move and Delta Charmander is Dragon type.

Now say you started with Delta Squirtle who has the Dark and Fighting types. You have Tackle, Tail Whip, and Bite. Your Rival has Tackle, Baby-Doll Eyes, Confusion, and Curse with his Delta Bulbasaur. None of your moves are really effective against them, but their Baby-Doll Eyes is not just 2x effective against you but 4x, meaning they could very easily one shot you.

However when you start with Delta Charmander with Ghost and Dragon Types. Sratch, Growl, and Twister. But your rival’s Delta Squirtle has Pursuit, Tackle Tail Whip, and Curse. Once more none of your moves are really effective, but they have Pursuit which is 2x effective against you.

With the move sets and typing being taken into account, even if your rival where to choose the one that’s supposed to be weak against yours there are issues.

Basically Bulbasaur has a sure win against Squirtle and an easy time with Charmander.

Squirtle could easily win against Charmander, but unless they always miss it doesn’t stand a chance against Bulbasaur.

Charmander, without a super effective move has very little chance of a win against Bulbasaur but has nothing to offer against Squirtle and so he loses.

I just have to ask why… I mean the starters aren’t supposed to have such clear cut advantages over each other early in a Pokemon game. (Plus you can find Dark and Ghost type moves in the wild pretty early with Patrat knowing Bite and Ghastly knowing Lick being found on the first route, making it hard to train Charmander and Bulbasaur).

Also why do you only have three moves with your starter at level 7 yet your rival’s level 5 starter always has curse as a fourth move? And why do you have Bite on Squirtle, yet if your rival chooses it they have Pursuit?

Do you know what Baby-Doll Eyes does? (not an attacking move). Rival has pursuit so he doesn’t just win with one bite. (small handicap). I would say the starters are not balanced.

The general consensus of which starters are the best to worst in insurgence, gameplaywise tends to be:

  1. Delta Bulbasaur
  2. Delta Charmander
  3. Eevee
  4. Delta Squirtle

Didn’t know what Baby-Doll Eyes does. I never had a Pokemon with the move.

As for having pursuit instead of bite as a small handicap for Delta Squirtle, well… A lot of good that does when it crit one shot me. I set a save outside before getting my starters and every time I picked Charmander I lost, because Squirtle just out damages it because of having a type effective move. In 20 attempts I got crit one shot 3 times, My attack missed and I got two shot because it outs sped me 5 times, My first attack hit but my second missed and I died in two hits 6 times. The last 6 attempts we made it to a third round because we both missed the second hit, but they still two shot me.

I really wanted to give up and go Eevee but I was too stubborn because I like the idea of a ghost dragon and Delta Charmander looks cool so I just let Damian have the first battle…

I just don’t understand why they aren’t more balanced for the start of the game like the canon versions I.E. not having a move that is super effective against one of the other starters from the very beginning.