Start of a region-Arcadia!

Welcome trainers to the land of Poke- Wait This is already done.
Welcome to Arcadia! A Pokemon artwork project started by me solely. It intends to make pokemons into a version of their videogame selves. Here are some that I have made in the current time span. Hope you like em ^-^

Here is Arcadian Charmander! A Cosmic type based on the Ender Dragon, The Final boss of Minecraft

And this is Arcadian Squirtle! A Dragon type. Based of Bowser Jr. from the Mario universe.

Well, I do have more and I have them complete, I will post them in some short time spans coz many days I won’t be able to make more.

So be sure to like the post and share to friends if they are interested in this kind of stuff and lemme know any videogames to Pokemon ideas if you have any (Try to avoid legendaries).
Gekkouga out!

What happened :eyes:

Is it coz I did the outro thing?

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Arcadian Bagon based on Yoshi! Dragon type.

New Pokemon Among Us Spinda. Cosmic/Bug or Cosmic/Dark

Evolution of Charmander, here’s Charmeleon! Also a Cosmic type.

Arcadian Roserade is here! Based on a skin from Brawl Stars, Its a Grass Steel type