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SSF2 Best Character

It’s Pichu and I have proof, how do you upload files again? (not pictures, files)

How nifty a thread was created recently asking the same question…


Used to be Tails, he got nerfed to 7th place. IDRC, I still really like Sora and Krystal.

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bruh playing ssf1 feels so weird

Yeah, sadly Adobe Flash is getting taken down.

wait is ssf2 getting taken down? or will it be changed to html5 or smth

you can’t play on the website but, you can download it and play it

I mean’t file’s like, SSF2 replays

anyways anyone wanna face my Sandbag/Pichu?

How about in an hour or two?

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the bookworms

Shiek, she has needles for pressure, very good combos, can leap off the stage from anywhere and almost always get to where she wants to. High damage, and fair is a fucking monstrous move with the semi spike, high damage, and big hitbox.

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ngl my ichigos looking pretty good considering i havent played for a couple months lmao

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G o k u

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K l R B Y E A T A L L

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how does goku go ssj not kkx10

my recovery is refusing to snap to ledge and its getting annoying smh

Wasn’t it Sheik? I might be wrong.

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Idk you might be right, top ones are sheik, krystal. sandbag, and pichu