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Spriters for a fangame

We got concepts but we need spriters. So help is appreciated!

Also, this is for @JojoBoss247’s game.

Im a programmer not a spriter. sorry.

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@Steelman2004 is an AMAZING spriter, if he is not too busy. He has a lot on his plate so I wouldn’t count on it. I mean, it depends on where we are at the time. He could be flooded with requests. And we all have SCHOOL soon (#Sophomore), so this project is probably gonna take a few months, maybe a year or two. And what about compensation? How are we gonna repay someone for their time? There is a lot to think about when making a game @Firefiber733339. It probably won’t take less then 6 months. This won’t be easy, for sure.

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Thanks for the compliment, and you’re right, I am swamped. If I have the time, I’ll try to help, but I also have to make sprites for @Firefiber733339, too. Lastly, I can’t believe we’re in the same grade. You were talking High School, right?

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Yes…yes I was.

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all sophomores here.

I might be able to work on some sprites in my spare time but don’t expect amazing quality


@JojoBoss247, in regards to the Sobble I made, glad you like it. Also, if you think that was Allister’s signature, you’ll have to see Drizzile. I’m basing at least the first two on Allister.

if you have art, you could ask @ServantOfTheKing. hes good with making artwork into sprites if hes still on this forum.


Don’t forget, he’ll be busier than us. He has college, after all. Maybe even a job. Plus, quote-unquote, he’s best at pixelating images, not making sprites from scratch. No offense, Serv (assuming you’re reading this).


None taken at all, couldn’t have said it better. I have kind of lost interest in spriting (it is a long, painstaking process), and now that I’m out of college and trying to get my feet under me in a job I have even less time than before. I do look forward to seeing where this project goes!

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If you’re looking for a place to start, I talk a little about the way I made sprites in some of my posts, which you can probably find from my profile. I never had any experience with pixel art before my first sprite on this forum a couple years back. I just was looking at a sprite in Insurgence and thinking, “Boy, I wish this was a little different.” So I did some research, tinkered around with the Paint .net program and eventually made a few sprites. You never know, some of you might be great spriters and not even know it yet!