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Hi guys, I’m somewhat new here but I’ve been in and out of the discord, mainly frequenting the #artroom channel! Its really great to meet you all and figured I’d like to have a place to post some of my work.

A little about me: I’ve been spriting (on and off) for a very long time. I remember getting started back in the days of Pokemon Crater and was a frequent member on a lot of other sites (under a different alias, which I’d like to remain private atm). Unfortunately, I would take long, extended breaks from the craft and this is my first time starting to sprite again for a couple? or so years. I hope that I’ll be able to make a lot of nice content for you all to enjoy and I’m always looking to improve/for ideas so please let me know, although if you’re asking for a request I’d prefer that to be done privately to keep this somewhat organized. Thanks for reading and hoping you enjoy!

Mega Meganium Mega Typhlosion Mega Feraligatr Mega Marowak Mega Eevee Plumerian Dragon/Fairy

I have more but these are probably my most recent ones! I’ve done a lot of color palettes as well as fusions but at this point I’m enjoying making deltas and redoing some of the megas that have already been created. Thanks for looking! ‘v’

(also sidenote: this is my first post so oh god please let me know if I’m doing this wrong at all)


these look fantastic! :slight_smile:

I honestly REALLY love the Mega Eevee! Could you maybe give me the sprites for the game? :slight_smile:

All of those are amazing! One thing though, the Eevee’s face (maybe its eyes or nose?) looks a little weird for some reason.

Pretty good especially the Plumeria. I too want to get to spriting so if you don’t mind, what software did you use?

paint.net is a good option :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, guys! As far as wanting the sprite files, do you just want the transparent .png? I can also make a shiny version/look into a backsprite and fix the eye a bit before uploading it to Imgur. Currently working on Mega Typhlosion! As far as what I use to sprite, just MSPaint and a laptop/mouse.

Not sure if its okay to double post but updated the first post with the following!

Mega Typhlosion

Thanks for replying!

Thank you!

Holy sh*t! That actually looks really flipping awesome!

I do have a question though. When I was using MS Paint, the background wasn’t transparent. Do you know how to fix that?

Missed two pixels on the shiny that I need to fix. RIP me. For transparency I just use a third party editor. In this case Lunapic, which also lets me resave the transparent version/upload the image to a hosting site.


Finished this guy last night but was unhappy with how his size was in compared to the other two, so ended up spending some time fixing him. Thanks for looking!

Mega Feraligatr


Annnnd another update for you guys. “___”

Mega Marowak


I like the Feraligator! It looks really reptillian.

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I just love the Eevee, can I use them giving credit? It is… Awesome

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Can u do the back of pokémons please

Nice that you’re here but they haven’t been on in a while and don’t necro post.