Spreadsheet of stats 4 Delta species & new megas?

I’m attempting to compile a comprehensive fangame pokédex and I’d like to add in the Delta Pokémon and new Megas to my database/spreadsheet.

  1. Do any of you have a spreadsheet containing the 6 main stats+typing for all the Deltas & new megas (+additional information, such as height/weight, “category”—legendary, starter, etc…—, previous evolution would be nice if it’s there)? It would greatly speed things up for me if there is a pre-existing spreadsheet I can use instead of manually copying from the wiki.
  2. With the line “Delta Pokemon can only breed with Delta Ditto, with the exception of Delta Ditto itself, which can breed with any Pokémon that is not in the Undiscovered Egg Group.” on the wiki, I’m thinking of adding a new Delta egg group that can only breed with Delta Ditto, which seems like I’d need to add a second egg group that’s just like the canonical Ditto Group but can also breed Delta pokémon.

Thanks a ton,
Dr. Duck