[Spoilers]What should i Do with my team

Team Building

I Need Some Please Read The Letter (you didn’t read the tittle this contains spoilers so don’t read this if you don’t want to learn new megas and new ithem) Below

I need more pokemon and moves to Improve my team here is my time (Delta Roserade) with left overs moves are(Phychic New Moon Dazzling Gleam and Substitute)
Feraligatr with a life orb moves are( Ice Fang Aqua Tail Super Power and Crunch)
Typhlosion with a mega Stone its has (Focus Blast Inferno Flamethrower and Double-Edge)
Delta Gardevoir with a mega stone and has ( Livewire,Ice Beam,Thunder Bolt and Calm Mind)
Tyranitar with armor it has (Dragon Pulse, Earthquake ,StoneEdge and Crunch)
Delta Charizard with a mega stone and has (Dragon Dance , Lunar Cannon , Dragon Pulse and Shadow Ball)
A Rhyperiorn with Rocky Helmet has (Stone Edge Thunder Bolt Mega Horn Eartquake)
Delta Bisharp with Charcoal has (Blaze kick Cross Chop High Jump Kick and Hurricane) An Alakazam with a focus band has (Dazzling Gleam Energy Ball Psyhic and Drain Punch)

so what should I add to my team and what new TMS. Thank You If You Anwsered!

Post abilities as well as abilities. Also, try and narrow it down just to 6 pokemon you want to use, with only one as Mega. I’ll try and give you some team independent tips. All Breeding has one way outlined, although there may be multiple ways to breed a move onto a Pokemon. Unless otherwise stated, all moves suggested are either level up moves for that Pokemon or a TM currently available.

D. Roserade: For this set that you are running, make sure that D. Roserade has the ability Heliophobia, which restores health as long as New Moon is up. Use an Ability Capsule if you have Shadow Dance, although you could definitely run a Shadow Dance set instead. Also, run Lunar Cannon or Dark Pulse over Psychic, as the only thing Psychic covers better than Dazzling Gleam is a few Poison types.

Feraligatr: Make sure Feraligatr has Sheer Force as its ability. If so, Life Orb works amazingly with it. Your moveset is pretty good, the only suggestion I could give is breed for Waterfall (Seaking (Water 2) --> Relicanth (Water 1/2) --> Totodile (Water 1/Monster)). However, that is really minor, so you are fine as is.

Typhlosion: Breed for Extrasensory (Nuzleaf/Ninetales (Field) --> Typhlosion (Field)), and replace Inferno with Eruption. Inferno has terrible accuracy and if you can move before your opponent, Eruption can do amazing damage, especially after a few Hubris boosts.

D. Gardevoir: I’d drop the Mega Stone here, as your other pokemon benefit from their Mega Abilities much more than D. Gardevoir. The set is fine, though you could replace Calm Mind with either Psychic or Moonblast if you want that coverage. For a new item, I’d go with the Old Faithful: Leftovers.

Tyranitar: Armor is amazing on Tyranitar. The only weak move is Dragon Pulse. While Tyranitar has a nice Sp. Attack stat compared to some physically oriented Pokemon, I still wouldn’t use it too often. You could replace it with Outrage (Bred from Charizard, Haxorus Line, Druddigon) or with Stealth Rocks from the Selene City move tutor.

D. Charizard: If you will use this as your Mega, remove Dragon Dance and Shadow Ball. Lunar Cannon out damages Shadow Ball (or at least, it will once the New Moon nerf is implemented), and the speed boost from Dragon Dance isn’t that crucial. Instead, use Dragonify and Frost Breath for Critical Hits and Super-Effective damage on whatever is walling you.

Rhyperior: Remove Thunderbolt, its Sp. Attack stat is pathetic. The rest of the moves are fine, so it is between Hammer Arm, Poison Jab, and Stealth Rocks. HA and PJ are for coverage, SR is for chip damage on switches.

D. Bisharp: First, I’d remove Hurricane, D. Bisharp only a 70 Base Sp. Attack. Second, remove Cross Chop, it is inferior to HJK in almost every way. Your moves will end up being High Jump Kick, Acrobatics/Skydrop, Coverage Move/Substitute/Drain Punch, Coverage Move/Substitute/Drain Punch. Sky Drop will relatively outdamage Acrobatics if you hold an item. Drain Punch gives you solid recovery, Substitute can cover you from large attacks/status, and coverage is coverage. Your coverage options are Thunder Punch, Rock Tomb, and Blaze Kick. You could also run Mach Punch as well. For your item, you could run no item for great Acrobatics damage, otherwise I would run Life Orb with Drain Punch.

Alakazam: Run Focus Blast over Drain Punch. Alakazam has very poor bulk and very poor Attack. Other than that, spot on.