(Spoilers) Samsara Cave Puzzle

In Samsara Cave, the room with Pidgey statues, there’s the very obvious button that opens the ladder to the next floor. However in the next room is another button on one of the statues that was not shown to view. Unlike the first button you can press it multiple times and nothing seems to happen, is there something I’m missing or getting ahead of myself within the game?

I don’t think you need to press the second button, but it’s been a while since I played. Have you tried simply pressing the button, then looking around to see if anything changed?

Yeah, the wiki just says you need to go to the next floor. Unless you’re in the wrong spot. There shouldn’t even be a second button that I know of.

Yeah I couldn’t find posts really go beyond there being one button. I tried searching the room and the rest of the area again after the first press and then again after another press and couldn’t find a difference myself. I wonder if it’s just a shelved puzzle that wasn’t implemented, unless I really am just missing something.

You sure you’re even in the right area? There should be two rows of Delta Pidgeot statues, with one of them having a button. Then, you take the ladder, follow the new path of statues, and there should be a Delta Pidgey. Simple as that.

Yeah this is for sure the correct location, I caught the Delta Pidgey and checked the statues in it’s room finding the hidden button.

Oh. Yeah, I don’t think that does anything. Probably just a coding error. they probably copy/pasted the statues from the previous floor and removed the visual effects of the button, but not the code.

I’m thinking it has to be along those lines but didn’t want to miss out on anything and wanted to make sure, at least now there’s a thread on it somewhere