(SPOILERS)How do I Proceed

Ive beaten the E4 , ive done some quests, defeated the scientist in Holon. I cant refight the E4 and I dont have the key for the Cell in perfection base. Im pretty clueless right now.

Did you get the note in the perfection base?

there is no note for me in perfection base. and the call where there is a pokeball behind is locked.

Have you fought Taen at the Dragon Ruins again? I’m fairly certain that triggers the note

ah no, havent done that. ill check it out thanks.

After you read the note you’ll know what to do afterwards

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

uhh hes not at dragon ruins. well i guess i can check out some stuff

Ah ok Now I did the dragon ruins fight but still no Note in perfection base. at least there was a cutscene but I didnt get much smarter from that.