Spoilers: Cultists talking about blackmailing

So, i’ve just finished the Jade Tower, and l have a important question: Why do the Grunts in the cave say they’re going to blackmail the auger into summoning Raquaza, when they should know he’s their leader. Like, l get that the player needed to go there, but that was a very weird thing for the grunts to say, given the later reveal that their boss is the one they’re saying they’re going to blackmail, especially because they thought they were alone.

Also, the Auger was a idiot for giving that big “I’M THE BAD GUY” Speech, instead of “Oh? Thank you for the warning. I’ll handle them, so you be on your way” (Proceeds to summon Raquaza in peace with his biggest threats none the wiser)

In short, l love the game, but that plot point is just silly.

Jaern wants the player dead though. It’d be stupid to just let them leave when they’re right there.

True, but it could have been handled differently, like have team sky “Attack” and “Team up” with you to beat them, then shank you while you’re distracted. Though that wouldn’t make a very good ending, so l understand why they choose the Evil Speech.

Name one villain that doesn’t monologue when they’re seconds away from winning.
Either way, Jaern thought he was unstoppable. He was close to summoning Rayquaza, the entire region worshipped him, and the person who posed the greatest threat to him - the player - had walked right up to him. Why sneak attack you when he has the power to simply crush you? Far more satisfying for him that way.

Fair point. (Though it doesn’t explain his cultists talking to themselves about blackmailing him to do the thing he planned to do.)

It was implied that many didn’t even know he was the leader, and the one guy who did know only said he could be convincing, probably in order to keep Jaern’s identity secret.

Auger being a bit weird considering he’s their leader. It seems like a plot hole that could have been avoided. As for the Auger’s speech, yeah, it was a bit over the top. But I guess it did add some dramatic tension to the scene! Anyway, I noticed you brought up the topic of blackmail, and I just wanted to offer a quick suggestion. If you or anyone you know has been the victim of online blackmail or scams, there are resources available to help. One option is to seek out Digital Investigation services, which can assist in identifying and tracking down the perpetrators. It’s always important to stay vigilant and protect yourself online.