[SPOILERS] beating Elite 4 with no fainted pokemon

So after SRing for like an hour I was finally able to beat the elite four with no fainted pokemon. As reward I got a red gardevoir from the guy in the pokemon league “wait

ing room”. What’s the point of it, is it just a special coloration or what?

its only red if your team is full, and it gets transferred to the pc. When you take it out, it turns back to normal coloring

so after it reverts back to normal, theres no way to turn it back?

As far as I’m aware, you can’t unless you soft reset or load a back up.

rip 1.2.2 users like me

so it’s just a normal gardevoir and I did all that for nothing?

to be honest, the elite 4 was really easy, so maybe if you had a save from before you challenged it…

for some reason it wont show when I have it as the first in my party as in its in my party but it doesnt walk behind me.

actually I believe it has a unique ability that Gardevoir doesn’t normally have unless mega evolved. So choice specs hyper voice pixilated boost is nice.

When did you obtain it, i.e. on which patch? Is it red non mega or green non mega gardevoir now for you?

for me its the newest patch. its red non mega unless you are asking the original poster of this thread. It would be sick if it was intended to have its mega ability without mega evolution.

Was asking anyone with the gardevoir really. By newest patch, you mean 1.2.3 public release right?

Yes, that one.

How to get the red gardevoir if i screw up the elite 4

You don’t.

I screw up the elite 4 but i dont see the guy that give you red gardevoir. And I want the red gardevoir so bad :frowning:

If you fail your first time around, he’s gone forever.

Can the developer fix the person not gone forever?(Red Gardevoir Challenge)

It’s not a bug. That’s how it’s intended to be.

~Hopes intensify for developer to fix gone npc for red gardevoir challenge