Trading Name: KELVINHJR

Offer: shiny deino/something i have

Request: Adamant Spiritomb + spiritombite(if u have it)

Further info:

I can get you both. I’ll take the shiny Deino.

Ok i only need the mega stone
And btw ur name?

ezla, I will get the Tombite 4 u whenver u ready.

Maybe 2marrow or Thursday 2:00am caribbean time…and thanks

Ok, I have 25 of 100 flags.

Ok so try to get it soon

Ok sooo can u trade now?

Not yet, 70 out of 100. Maybe in a few hours.

Ok dude

Almost done? And btw can u put the mega stone on a female delta charmander?

If i do, that might take longer. I don’t have my charmander yet, so i have to reset for one. i am almost done.

Ok thanks for all ur hard work

Ok sooo u want a shiny deino right?



Not yet sorry.

Ok tell me when u ready

I have a Serious(neutral nature) lvl 7 Male D. Charmander. Is that ok? sorry, cuz I have bad luck i couldn’t get a female.

Ok so ur name is?