Spiritomb & Stealth Rock

Hey guys,

I find it quite odd that in this game Spiritomb doesn’t have access to stealth Rock. One of his move relearner attacks is Rock Blast and he can learn Stone Edge and Rock Tomb by TM. It makes sense that he can learn Stealth Rock as well.

Furthermore he doesn’t exist without the rock he inhabits called the “Odd Keystone.” The move goes together like pees and carrots!

Thanks guys

It does fit togeter, but also think he is the bulkyest Noctem user in the current metagame and an excellent pivot for New Moon teams. Giving him SR while the New Moon wheater is still exctremely powerfull would make his usage Sky Rocket and lauch him into S+ rank of Insurgence OU.

His mooveset was also designed by Game Feaks, and it doesn’t always have to be logic.

Thanks for the response and input, I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve stated. I did some research on his moveset in Gen 6 which this game is based on and it appears Stone Edge and Rock Blast was added by the devs - correct me if I’m wrong - Perhaps Stealth Rock wasn’t added because it would make him OP as a Noctem lead! Online battling is off on Insurgence I believe.