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Space mew


So i was surfing the wiki earlier today and i found thisémon) apparently there’s a thing called space mew and it says something about obtaining it by having mew getting lost in cyber space. i have no idea what this means and I’d like to obtain it so any and all help is appreciated because mew with a space suit on is amazing.


Wondertrade it. It won’t get traded and will appear in your PC.


Can Space Mew be reverted back to normal Mew?




What is the difference? I mean, does it only looks different?


It’s a purely cosmetic difference, in which it only looks different but has no difference in stats.

However, please don’t necro posts by commenting on them after they have been inactive for a long time, thanks so much! :heart:


Thanks for answering. I’m sorry about this, maybe I should look on dates of discussions more.