Sonota... God


Sonota Tracks to me is impossibile. Super hard, only ever got second place.

How do you beat it? Wich track is the best? Tips?

If there are also more ways to farm other than the Mines and this please drop it below!

Thanks for even looking


The best track is the ice path, the ai oponents get stuck at some point and is easy to get first place.


Won my first try

Many thanks


I don’t think Tracks is necessary to beat, is it? I know that getting high enough in the sponsorships you can get masterballs but I don’t think its needed.

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You also get Zebrastrike mega stone by playing.

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10k per race i use it for quick money. In game speed-up makes like 10 races in like less than 5 minutes

I get my money by selling the stones and fossils I get when I farm for IV Stones.

But you don’t need to come in first you just have to get high enough fame

Uh no, coming up in first place gives me the 10k per race i think 2nd i got like 6-8k. So ice path is really good, because you have a 97% chance to win by the bots getting stuck compared to the other ones