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Someone wonder traded me a arceus

2020-12-06 (1)

cool right


my luck rubbed of on you

and i can have two primal arceuses now since you get an extra crystal piece for some reson

i spent half an hour wonder tradin to get this

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mild is not good

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wo cares… it is a primal arceus… it would probably be a ag pokemon

Damn, that’s lucky af

It’s also definitely legit

i got a terrakion once :frowning:

i think someone was running a wonderlocke

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i got a legit shiny cacturne once kek

me who now only get hacked shinies in WT

are you also a wonder trade grinder

only when i need pokemon that i cant get yet

yup me too… also when someone gets a shiny or legendary/mythical…hoping their luck will rub off on me

i also got a hacked shiny zygarde

release it

i released it