Someone to trade a pokemon with pokerus?

Trading Name: Roku97

Offer: I have a shiny grimer I don´t need nor I want.

Request: Whatever as long as it is infected and not cured, of course, as I need it to infect my pokemon.

Further info: Just need a pokemon with pokerus for EV training.

I can trade you pokerus for free. For the grimer, this would be my offer: Sleepy's Shop v2.0

Cool, where are you available to trade?

In about 02:30 hours from the time of this message?

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I´m sorry, my Internet´s been down for quite a lot of time. I´m still interested on the pokemon with pokerus though and I also caught a shiny ponyta if you´re interested.

It’s all right, the pokerus is still free. I’ll be able to trade for the next 20 minutes only though today. I should be free the whole day tomorrow though. I’ll be on discord to trade.

I’m interested in the ponyta, here’s my offer for it. Sleepy’s Shop v2.0

Also, a guide to trading: Guide to online features in Pokemon Insurgence

Ok, let´s just make the trades tomorrow. I imagine you´ll be less busy and I don´t like making things rushing lol.


I’ll be free to trade for the next 2 hours. I’ll be on discord.

kay, tell me your discord tag to add you

It’s Sleepymon12. If by add you mean PMs, anything related to trades in PMs is against the rules and can get you banned. Just ping me on discord, like this @Sleepymon12.