Some team planning for late game

I have already beat the game but I am doing another playthrough and decided to plan a endgame for the team. My plan is D. Venusaur (Mega) D. Luxray D. Vespiquen D. Metagross (Spider) and Delta Chandelure. What suggestions do you have my team?

Edit: After some discussion I got a team that is a bit more balanced but I would still like a bit of help with the team if you see anything you see might be better. The team is D. Venusaur (Mega) D. Luxray D. Metagross (Spider) D. Chandelure and Swampert. There’s an open slot and I was considering Armored Tyranitar but his ability would get in the way of Chandelure and Venusaur.

Too much type overlap tbh. I’d recommend switching out D. Vespiquen for D. Snorlax

Other than that one change…I’d say you’re team is good to go.

I do want to mention I only had 5 pokemon planned out and I really only just realised that

Maybe add Delta Haxorus or another water type?

Another mon I was considering was Swampert so I might add it.

I’m actually planning to get Delta Chandelure on my team. Would it be okay considering the Mega D. Venusaur?

Having 2 fairy types won’t hurt anything especially since they cover the other’s fairy weakness venusuar deals with poison and chandelure deals with steel

oh thats kinda pog. thanks :joy: