Some Ideas for Improvement

After having played for a while I encountered some little hardships that I think have relatively easy ways to be fixed (I am not knowledgeable about the technical/programming aspects, but they don’t seem too complex to my layman’s eye.)

  1. The Pokemon Storage (PC) is a feature that I’ve used for hours given how disorganized I happen to be at times and I believe a couple of functions would make the whole process waaay easier and seamless:
    a. A Send to Box function: Sending a Pokemon from one box to another without having to go to another box manually or withdraw the Pokemon seems like it would be a godsend.
    b. A Rearrange Boxes function: I designate boxes for specific purposes. Usually I use the ones at the end, but due to some lack of foresight, sometimes just being able to make a box the last one or just moving it without having to go through the motions of transporting every little critter would help a lot to organize my mess.
    c. A Remove Spaces function: I believe that creating an easy way to close the gaps between Pokemon in a box/all boxes may be very helpful. The Sort functions do that, but I think adding another option where the order doesn’t have to be modified would be nice.
    d. A Change Background function: This one is more of a preference, where some backgrounds are more pleasing to me that others.

  2. The Friend Safari is something I don’t believe has much to be improved, maybe small things like making the environment match the theme of the rest of the base, but I think it is fine as it is. However, I propose a couple of additions to make the experience a bit better:
    a. A Flag Log/Collection: I don’t know if this one presents some difficulties to implement, but I thought I could mention it just the same. Having a record of the flags collected (even if just the last 10 or so) would help to remember some bases that you have visited, even if just barely remembering the trading name of the owner.
    b. Extra Flag Prizes: Maybe this one sounds like just asking for free stuff, but I think after the first 100 flags, there could be rewards every 100 new flags retrieved. Personally, I think the prizes could be Heart Scales and IV Stones (Maybe a chance of 70/30 at each checkpoint or make the IV Stones be given every 4th Checkpoint.)

  3. Finally, I have some Quality of Life suggestions:
    a. Make the Autorun Prompt show “Turned On/Turned Off” instead of just “Toggled.
    b. Make Visit Random Friend Safari The first option in the list: If someone intends to go to a specific friend’s place, they wouldn’t be mashing Z as I am when exploring, so I think it is reasonable.
    c. Make Not Give Nickname The default position when catching/hatching a Pokemon: In the official games the option is on Yes by default given how uncommon the renaming function is; but if there’s a way to Rename them in every PokeCenter/Hidden Base, I feel like having No by default would make catching bulks of Pokemon faster.

And those are my thoughts of improvements so far. The game is astounding and I’ve enjoyed playing it a lot, just thought a couple tweaks might make it more enjoyable.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, have a nice day.

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When you deposit a pokemon, you can choose which box for it to go to
2) I think most of these are great suggestions!

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There are already some functions in the Box. You can arrange the pokémons per type, per alphabetical order and per national dex order. Possibly other functions as well that I can’t recall right now (I have not open Insurgence in few months now). They automatically remove the spaces between pokémon

I agree 3b that was kinda annoying when I was looking for random flags, but tbf it’s not exactly a big issue.

The main problem is that the game won’t have new features as far as I know, devs moved on other projects and the future updates (if any) will just fix bugs (if any).

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That is true, but you have to withdraw the Pokemon first and then store it. So, my idea is to do it from the box.

I was thinking more of a leave the order of the pokemon as it is, just removing the spaces between them.

And I was not aware of the devs no longer being open to add features, it saddens me a bit. But these suggestions are just little improvements, I do enjoy the game as it is.

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