Some ideas for any sprite artists

I don’t know how to sprite and honestly I don’t have time to do so anyways, so here’s some ideas to sprite and some talented spriters can make them and perhaps reply as a comment.

And maybe a dev can see these and implement them in Epsilon or a feature update that will never come.

1. Delta Mega Charizard X with Tough Claws ability

Considering it gets good STAB contact moves like Shadow Force and Outrage (if you want to play safe, Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw) , coupled with Dragon Dance, a physical Delta Mega Charizard X isn’t completely unviable.

As for design, it can pretty much resemble regular Mega Charizard X, except the flames are replaced with “ominous wind” and its body would be a purple-ish skeleton like Delta Mega Charizard.

2. Mega Delta Blaziken, Mega Delta Sceptile and Mega Delta Hydreigon

If Delta Typhlosion got a Mega Evolution like its regular variant, why does Delta Blaziken, Delta Sceptile and Delta Hydreigon not have one? I’m running out of ideas for these designs, go wild.

And Mega Delta Sceptile would have a different stat distribution from regular Mega Sceptile, like swap around the effects maybe? Like +40 Attack and +25 Special Attack instead of the regular Sceptilite effects which is the other way round? I don’t know, I just want it to utilize Dragon Dance as much as possible.

tbh mega delta pidgeot needs a physical mega too

3. Delta Ash-Greninja

I know Ash-Greninja isn’t in this game, but since some people have made Ash-Greninja sprites before, I figured someone could make a new one for “Battle Bond” Delta Greninja.


Alright, good to know :smiley:

This is my first time spriting, so I may not be good. But I tried anyway.


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It’s ok for your first time, but a monotone “blade” is weird. Try adding some gradients.


Yeah, I’ll work on that. The blades are meant to be pixelly, but it got annoying because of a resize from 1 times 1 pixels to 2 times 2 pixels. The Blades are for Leaf Blade, and the feet are for Blaze Kick. Might make the hands black or something for Sucker Punch.

Should be better now.

Delta Ash Greninja

Yes that works, but the fire on the feet looks weird. Like it’s not pointing in the right direction.


Well if I get mods working the way I want to, people could add it themselves for Epsilon :stuck_out_tongue:

Deuk they meant new forms that are missing from insurgence entirely. You cant just add it in unless you plan on letting them add in items for those forms as much as they want

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Can u explain further??? @DragonAscent

I smell an update, but its a very very faint smell.

Just have fiery borders around the toes of the feet, that will show its emphasis on fire enough.

Like, only the brown bits have fire? Because the reason for the fire feet is to show its Blaze Kick. I tried to go for a Leaf Blade/Blaze Kick/Swords Dance kind of style with this.

Yes. And the “legs” too.


Delta Ash Greninja - Variant 2
Delta Ash Greninja - Back Sprite

Should be perfect. I even made a back sprite. The feet flame actually looks better. @DragonAscent

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Yup, that looks great.


I’ll make a shiny sprite later on. @DragonAscent