Some delta Ideas

I just realized that my deltas have flooded the deltas suggestion thread so I decided to choose some of my favorite deltas to share with you guys and on a later date I will share with you pictures(I drew so quality might be spicy).

My favorite is the delta Tepig line of mine. I like this line because it’s not a feral, wild boar like everyone else’s version of this delta(even though the wild boar is an awesome thought). This line is fairy and electric, it is based on when pigs fly. A young tepig could be seen jumping around a lot in an attempt to get a lift; so it flaps its wings at an unbelievable pace while jumping in an attempt to fly.

My other favorite one is delta rockruff.

Steel Steel jaws(all biteing moves deal super effective damage on ice, rock and steel types.) Brought from the alola region many moons ago, it likes to bask in the sun with its trainer. It likes to teeth on anything to sharpen its fangs.

Midnight lycanroc Steel/dark Ability shadow dance/ tough claws (Unleashed)

This pokemon is covered in steel spikes; these spikes protect it from opponents that might attempt to strike it in the midnight, its favorite time to strike down foolish prey.

Midday Lycanroc Steel fur coat/ tough claws (hidden a: Unleashed: during a new moon this pokemon transforms into its midnight form) It moves as fast as a bullet, and with claws and teeth made of steel; it can destroy the toughest rocks with ease.

Delta Stuffet Ghost/normal Bear-no-mind(ghost type moves can hit normal types and has scrappy built in)

Brought from alola by exotic trainers; many of them got lost in the forest and eventually transformed into this pokemon. They might appear suddenly but should beware if you’re in the presence of one.

Bearware Ghost/fighting

It is often said to be plushy of a child, left behind, it was possessed by a spirit of vengeance. Even though this story is not true many do not like human and will go out of their way to destroy human settlements found in their territory.

Seedot grass (the cherry bomb Pokemon) Ability aftermath/intimidate.

This Pokemon bares a striking resembelence to a cherry. When it is engaged by an enemy the end of it’s stem lights up.

Nuzleaf grass/fire the ember pokemon Sap sipper/intimidate The fire that is atop it’s head can never go out. If it senses danger it sways it’s head around to create a smokescreen. In some accounts it might even start forest fires to escape it’s foes.

Shiftry Grass/fire the brushfire Pokemon It is rarely seen in the wild due to most of it’s prevelutions being hunted to extinction, so it’s only natural that those found in the wild have a serious distrust of humans; but are very careing with injured Pokemon.

Mega evolved (dark/fire) Blazing (STAB moves deal 2x damage)

(Pictures coming soon)

Why don’t you try to make your own instead of posting too many ideas?

suggesting sun and moon pokemon is a no go. pokemon co does not take kindly to that kind of stuff in fan games (happened with the pixelmon mod) just sayin maybe one day in the future (when the switch game comes out)

I’m just not good at it.