Some adjustment on QoL and other things

So, I love this game: it has a great story, it’s more challenging than most of the Official Games, and the Delta mechanic is good. But now that I’m trying to complete the game, I’ve come to realize some tedious things.

What I want to talk about is regarding nature changing: if you don’t get a Pokémon of the right Nature, mainly when talking about Deltas, in the late game (I’m referring to the Challenges - Devs, Battle Frontier…), you’ll have to pray to the RNG deities that you’ll receive a Pokémon with the correct nature from breeding or that the Poképon will drop you the change nature ball, and that nature is the one you’re looking for. SO F’ing HORRIBLE. You’ll waste so much time only to get the SINGLE Pokémon you want for completing those challenges. Since you can’t obtain more than one Delta Ditto per gameplay, every time you get an Egg from the Daycare Centre, you must go to Selene City, find the Nature Psychic, and HOPE that the Egg will have the nature you’re looking for. If it hasn’t, you must repeat the process.

What I’d love to suggest to the Devs (I don’t know how to tag them) is, if possible, to release a small patch where they add the Mints from Gen VIII: with those, any player that approaches the late game can go through it without wasting so many hours on breeding for a competitive reason.

While I’m at it, a thing that some friends made me notice during a Walkthrough together is that there’s no Quest whatsoever regarding who is the Bill of Insurgence. It would be cool to have a small event like the Delta Ditto one where you find the one that manages the PC.
Also, what about the Battle Pyramid? No news in its regard?