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Solo run (Hard) starter?

I’ve been trying to do a solo run of the game on the hard difficulty for about 2 weeks, but it seems like no matter what starter I pick, there’s always one place I’m stuck at. Who should I pick?

You might find some success with Mawile.

which ones have you already tried?

Trapinch, Axew, Deino, and I forgot the rest

probably want a type combo with two STABs that nothing is immune to (Except abilities) so dragon is not the best bet. probably want something with no 4x weaknesses so you don’t get crushed by crits even if you are overleveled. you probably want something with wide coverage, so monotype is not a good idea. Hawlucha comes to mind. Stab coverage against steel, rock, dark, grass, bug, and fighting with nothing immune and no x4 weaknesses. unburden is a decent ability and so is limber. early game, he’s quite strong, learning 2 solid stab moves before level 10 in Wing Attack and Karate Chop. a few decent coverage moves are available by TM. after level 60, with access to swords dance, his ability to set up and sweep is quite potent.

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