Soft Resetting

So I’m soft resetting for a shiny Eevee, as I think it would be super cool when it mega evolves that it also becomes shiny, like if Mega Eevee becomes a Umbreon, it’ll also be a shiny. So I decided to save just before Damian says “Hey (Insert Name Here)… Before we go out into the Shade Forest, how about a battle? It’ll be the perfect time to test out our new Pokemon! Let’s go!”. Damian then just gets into a battle with me. I’ve noticed that the Eevee is always a boy, instead of it changing genders, and in the main menu, it already show Eevee. Does that mean I did something wrong and the Eevee is a fixed Pokemon meaning it can’t change genders, ability, and if it’s shiny or non-shiny.

You need to save before you select Eevee.

Crap. Guess I’ll have to delete that save file and start a new one,

In my opinion it would be much easier to hunt for a shiny Eevee in the friend safari, because you don’t have to go through the long dialogue before seeing if the pokemon is shiny.

Thanks for the tip cow!

No problem.