So what happened to.... *MAJOR ENDGAME SPOILERS*

So I just defeated all of the Timeless, and I have to say I loved the story of this game a lot. And i’m not sure if these people will get more story later on to the postgame, but I noticed there were many characters who didn’t receive proper closure and its bugging me. So I have to ask, what happened to Diana? Last we heard from her she said she was heading to the Darkrai Base yet when I got there she was nowhere to be seen, not even in the dream world. I know Calreath most likely died but I want to know what happened to her. Also, what happened to Nora? She said she would clean up the mess from the cults but never said a proper goodbye, she only told us to battle the Elite Four and that was it. And that leaves the last two characters to Damian and Malde, what happened to them? Did they just end up stuck in the dream world forever? I really wanted to see Damian get cured at least since we had no dialogue with him ever since he got infected. I know Malde said Damian was happier that way but was that even true? I apologize if i’m asking too much or these characters are seen later in the post game, it’s just bugging me so much since i’m so intrigued with the story.

EDIT: And wow just realized I COMPLETELY forgot about Persephone. We last fought her in the dream world, when defeated she didn’t act like her cult was destroyed, much like the game makes us believe so, I remember her saying how she would crush us next time which didn’t happen. So what happened to her? Did she just get stuck in dream world like Damian and Malde? I’m really curious.

Not sure about Diana, haven’t played up to the point, but you do visit Damian and Malde again in the dream realm post game and get more closure on their situation.

You get closure with Damian and Malde, they have a postgame story thing both in the Dream World and out. Persephone and Diana have their own storyline too. I haven’t finished Nora’s storyline so I’m not too sure about her. I don’t know about Calreath lmao tbh I completely forgot about him. Did he actually die???

All we know about Calreath is that he fell deep into the base then the base became unstable then when you get Groudon, Calreath is no where to be seen so it can be inferred that he fell into the Lava

Dang, I was looking forward to finding at least a body or something lol