So uhh (Flex your shinies!)

metal claw

but I want it to have flash cannon

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get iron head from anstatia(5th gym) hidden lab where u fought tean and a scientist on the right is there

I still remember that I didnt get the game at the correct website and I downloaded 1.2.3 instead of 1.2.7

my lucario is a special attacker

download 1.2.7 here the core not patch
save in a pokecenter before tho

flash cannon is a tm on route 15 if youre up to there

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I know that

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I just downloaded the correct one

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forgot about tat one :+1:

I can deal with it being male, but I wouldn’t refuse if you proposed me a Timid one.

I have sveral Female Timid Ralts with five IVs. They’re all either missing Defense or HP. If you’re wondering why I have so many, my friend wanted several Modest and several Timid Ralts with perfect IVs so they could decide which was better.

Trust me, I have plenty. Just know none will be 6 IV, and most will be missing either Defense or HP.

breed it with power items lmao

I used an Everstone. And I did get several with perfect IVs, but my friend took them all.

u use 6 iv ditto?
put everstone on raltz and power item on ditto

The Ditto had the Everstone. The Ralts had a Destiny Knot.

I don’t care I just like the shinies

Now we just need to figure out how to trade with each other on the 3DS. It only lets you interact with certain people.

do friend codes still work?

That’s dumb