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So, I have returned

So, I’ll start off with a question that I am sure I will get (I probably wouldn’t have tho).

Q. Am I going to be more active?
A. Probably not. I’ll try, but don’t exhaust yourself with hopes.

Q. Am I going to continue, and end, my mystery+randomiser challenge?
A. I damn well hope so.

Q. What have you been doing in your time off the site?
A. Played TF2 and SSF2, and occasionally try to shiny hunt UFI. Still haven’t gotten it after 1050 resets


On average you should get a shiny in around whatever it’s shiny rate is. For example random sr has a 1/4096 shiny rate, you’ll prob get it in around 4000 encs. Now, ofc this isn’t set in stone or anything, my some of my hunts were only 1000 encs. And, most probably, it could take wayyy more encounters. Gl on your hunt

Welcome back. Good luck on the shiny hunt. I’ve been in a really protracted shiny hunt myself in the mainline games. Shiny Sobble, why do you forsake me so?

how many encs?

At least 1000. I have the shiny charm and I’m using a Japanese ditto so I’m long overdue based on the probability

Bad luck then

I don’t have the patience for masuda, wayyy to slow for me tbh

ay u
are you in the insurgence discord

me? yeah ig

ok good ill talk to you later



wdy want and why does this feel shifty?

Because it’s shifty

tbh this DOES seem shady

Tbh it’s kinda shiftry

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Yeah, what the heck. Did anything happen yet?

It’s 2:43 am for them


Currently at my cousin’s place using THEIR phone to check the forums. Once I get back home I’ll check on them