So I found this ?-Pokémon

Hello Community,

I was playing along the game and did modify it a little bit, so I could do a Mono-Run. As soon as I got to Selene City (on wednesday the 4th 11:30pm) this Pokémon appeared (pics)

Checking my Dex and the web, I realized that it is nowhere mentioned. I just wanted to post this, it may be important for someone out there.

Ps. the Pokemon flees immidiately if entered the battle (even with Shadow Tag it flees). The Sprite is an altered form of Delta Liepard …


That’s delta leipard. It’s a ghost fairy delta. If you wish to fight it, talk to these NPCs:

  • Talk to the old man in the Pokémon Center and answer “no” to his question.

  • Enter the house next to the Cresselia Statue and talk to the man that describes it as having the head of a fox.

  • Talk to the person next to the PikaTaxi that describes it as wrapped in smoke and having the torso of a chicken.

  • Talk to the girl in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center who describes it as having limbs like a tiger

  • Interact with the shadow at this point, which will flee immediately.

  • Talk to the boy that appears next to the gym and describes it as having the tail of a snake.

  • Interact with the shadow again

You should be able to see it in it’s true form when you talk to it and it shouldn’t flee anymore.

Thank you :slight_smile: